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What do I need to do to get the Omega Mark medallion

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Download the app to your iPhone or Android phone once you download the app. You can start storing memory the same day.

Omega Mark Medallion QR Code

MY Son Isaac Page Jr.




We here at Project love always looking to helping in many ways,
We know many people are going through so many personal life changing situations

We have been blessed to support so many family needs our website shows it our heart produces it.

The Omega Mark medallion have been a stress relief on many families providing information of loved ones have gone on to rest.

We here Project Love endorse the Omega Mark medallion because it brings back wonderful memories of a loved one that went on to rest.

Why do you & I need a Omega Mark Medallion?
Memories are forever but time have never been our friend, It takes away someone from us that we missed every day

The Omega Mark Medallion give us a sense of peace knowing that for generations to come those precious memories we locked in our heart will be available for the future generation to see, where they came from providing them a legacy of information that words cannot explain  Isaac Page Sr.

What the Omega Mark Medallion provide, genuine memories, everlasting testimonies, personal relationship of family, the list goes on what this medallion will provide.

Omega Mark medallion provides worldwide (GPS location to the burial site )of your loved ones, From anywhere in the world, using The Omega medallion Scan QR code will provide specific location of where your loved one resting place is.

Omega the Omega Mark medallion provides true and real memories by pictures, video and many more futuristic amazing capabilities.