Project love Foundation Special Needs mission:

Give hope to those who are in need.


             We Support

 Kiwanis Christmas in July backpack giveaway to help low income families.

What a different it makes to a child's life preparing them for their future

At Project Love our goals are to rebuild hope where it’s was damaged or lost. Project Love work with those in need, who are underprivileged,  those who need help to rebuild and restructure their live.

Our focus relies on community efforts, including food drives, community awareness, and educational opportunities. We can all one another.

 We firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and if we work on creating  a smile as must we can do so many problems will simply work themselves out.

​                                             We will not stop the Love”


Project love foundation Special Needs Inc.

"Giving a helping hand to those who are in need"


Empty stomachs hurt.
We Support and Feed the Children.

Goal is for  No child should go to sleep hungry.

They future seem impossible. But Giving food is essential to creating a good health life.

Omega Mark

The Omega Mark. Providing a easy to access location and a way to store the life of a loved one.

For future generations.”


Volunteers & Supplies

Our team of volunteers giving back to the community, supplying young people with the tools so they can have a better future.